Friday - 5:00PM-11:00PM
Saturday - NOON-11:00PM
Sunday - NOON-9:00PM


Thursday - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Fri-Sat - 9:00AM-11:00PM
Sunday - 9:00AM-9:00PM
Club is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday


Current List of Regattas at

We offer a turn key operation for any class wishing to run a “Midwinters”. The club has a pontoon boat used as the committee boat and a skiff as a mark boat. Various members anti up their personal boats to augment the support fleet. A lot of our PROs are US Sailing certified and we also have at least one US Sailing certified judge. Check out calendar for dates. The NORs and SIs can be found at Regatta Network . Regular scheduled events are as follows:

MOTHS WINTER SERIES- The International Moth Class is a frequent visitor to the Upper Keys Sailing Club.

A-CATS MIDWINTERS- The Upper Keys Sailing Club welcomes the A-class Catamarans to Key Largo! The Upper Keys Sailing Club is a small but active organization of A-Cat sailors.

FLYING SCOTS FLORIDA CIRCUIT- The UKSC is now the last stop on the Florida Flying Scot Fleet's Circuit! Held in mid-May, Flying Scot sailors from around the state come down to race on our perfect waters and enjoy our hospitality.

FORCE FIVE MIDWINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS- February - March. For several years, the Upper Keys Sailing Club has proudly hosted the Force Five Class Association Midwinters. These dinghy sailors race hard and play hard - one of their awards is for the biggest bar bill!

DEAD DOGS & TIN WHISTLES?- This is a one-design dinghy regatta for Buccaneers and Mutineers. It started as an invitation to a Fleet Captain Regatta in 2008 and developed a life of its own! Buccs and Mutts from all over the USA escape their wintry homes and come to Key Largo to enjoy a weekend of wind and camaraderie.>p/>


Our Dock Masters are on duty between 9 AM and 5 PM Wed-Sunday. That means the grate is open, the club house unlocked and the flags flying. Please check in with them when you arrive so as to get instruction as to where to put your boat and trailer. We do not allow onsite camping in a tent or RV. You may arrive and sail one day before the scheduled event and one day after. If you come earlier or stay later there is a daily usage fee. Please make arrangements with the Dock Masters


The liquor license requires that all alcohol be consumed on property and must come from our bar. Our bar normal hours are Friday 5:30PM ? 11PM, Sat 11PM-11PM and Sunday 11PM-9PM. Special arrangements are usually made for the bar to be open earlier on Friday or Monday. The club house is usually locked on Monday and Tuesday which means you might not have access to the bathrooms, again unless special arrangements had been made. We accept the major credit cards and you can leave your tab open for the weekend as long as we have your credit card on file. Of course, cash is always accepted. If you forget to close your tab out we will, with an automatic 20% tip added.


HOLIDAY INN, 99701 Overseas Hwy, 866-733-8554
MARRIOTT RESORT KEY LARGO, 103800 Overseas Hwy, 855-410-3911
MARINA DEL MAR RESORT, 527 Caribbean Drive, 800-451-3483
MARRIOTT COURTYARD, 99751 Overseas Hwy, 855-335-1066 
BAYSIDE INN KEY LARGO, 9940 Overseas Hwy, 800-242-5229
PLAYA LARGO RESORT & SPA, 97450 Overseas Hwy, 97450 Overseas Hwy, 305-854-1001
HAMPTON INN KEY LARGO, 102400 Overseas Hwy, 305-451-1400
THE PELICAN KEY LARGO COTTAGES, 99340 Overseas Hwy, 305-451-3576