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Mark Sorensen
Youth Sailing Program

The Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program is our charitable 501(c)(3) wing of the of the Upper Keys Sailing Club’s Youth Sailing Program.


Seed funded by local Florida Keys’ State Representative Ken Sorensen, in memory of his son Mark, it fosters the sport of sailing, making it affordable, accessible, and inclusive to the youth of the Upper Keys.

Impacting the Lives of our Youth

Likened to a chess match involving the elements of wind, water and weather, sailing nurtures kids confidence, self reliance, and problem solving - useful assets they can use in everyday life. 

Sailing teaches life skills through self-discovery. It creates a sense of adventure which combines curiosity with boldness, bravery, and healthy risk-taking. In addition, sailors are tasked with safely steering the boat and taking command of everything happening around them. These skills lead to increased confidence and perseverance; qualities which help youth overcome obstacles.

For those who continue sailing into their high school years, this sport can present a pathway to any one of the USA’s 200-plus universities with competitive sailing teams.

Competing sailors make life-lasting friendships on ‘the racing circuit’, and can seek representation on National and International Teams which lead to foreign trips and exposure to different climates, cultures and lifestyles.


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